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Lash Extensions are an exciting, new product and technique for thicker, longer, yet natural looking eyelashes.
Eyelash extensions are applied through professional application of individual silk or mink eyelash onto your own natural eyelash with a specially formulated bonding agent. It is thicker, longer, yet natural looking. It takes approximately 1 hour to apply a first time, full set. They last from 3-4 weeks. There is a vast array of lashes to choose from to enhance your own lashes. The soft silk lashes or natural looking mink lashes come in a myriad of lengths, thicknesses, colors and types of curls. There is no doubt that we can create the look you want to suit your taste, whether it is full and natural or long and dramatic.

Natural Set (40 lashes per eye) $65

Lash Fill (2 weeks) $55

Lash Fill (3-4 weeks) $75

Lash Extension Remove $25

Brow Extensions $65

Please do not attempt to remove lashes yourself, as the glue is strong and you may damage your lashes. You also have the option of waiting for them to naturally fall within the course of 6-8 weeks


An eyelash perm is a cosmetic procedure that flips up eyelashes using a very mild perming paste. The eyelashes are first treated with a cleansing solution and then wrapped around a miniature roller to achieve an upturned look. Permed eyelashes stay curled for six to eight weeks on average, but can last longer depending on how well you care for your lashes. You will no longer need to apply mascara every day. Your eyes can look more open and awake, especially if you are experiencing dropping eyelids.

Lash Lift $40
Lash Tint $23
Lash Lift and Lash Tint $55
Brow Tint $15